Hand Car Wash

Professional Hand Car Washing in Kansas City by Experienced Hands

As highly trusted Kansas City hand car washing professionals, the technicians at SunFlower Dent & Detail are dedicated to superior quality work. We know that for most people a vehicle, whether a car, truck, SUV, or van is a big investment – and one that you want to look its best. We pamper your car, giving it the TLC we would give our own vehicles; we know how easily scratches and swirls can occur, and take every precaution to ensure outstanding results.

Hand car washing is preferred over automatic washes for a number of reasons. Many “auto” car washes have brushes you can use to soap your car, however these are not recommended as you never know what may be left in the brush from prior use. Dirt, mud, grit – all of these can scratch or damage your vehicle. Even if you use only the spray gun to soap and rinse your car, it’s hard to get it really clean, you may miss spots, and if the pressure is too high it could potentially damage your vehicle’s finish.

At SunFlower Dent & Detail, our Kansas City hand car washing technicians rely on the most trusted car washing agents to get your car sparkling clean. Ingredients in our washing agents are not only gentle and safe for your car’s finish, but environmentally safe as well. We also hand wash using sponges and soft cloths which are ultra-soft and designed for auto use, cleaning hood, trunk, and door jambs as well as wheels and tires. We work to get every square inch of the exterior of your vehicle spotless!

Washing your vehicle by hand at home is preferred over using an automatic wash, but it’s essential that you avoid using harsh soaps and sponges or cloths that could scratch your car’s finish. There is also a “right” and “wrong” way to go about washing your car, as dirt, dust, and grit clinging to the paint before you wash could cause damage. Ultimately, the best solution is to have professionals perform the job, as we have all of the tools necessary to leave your vehicle sparkling clean without harming the environment. An added advantage is that you will enjoy a lower water bill, and because professionals use less water (on average about 1/2 as much), it’s another boost for our planet.

Our Kansas City hand car washing services are second to none, so bring your vehicle by today! Our technicians are the best around, and dedicated to keeping your vehicle in like-new condition whether you want your car detailed, or have been involved in an accident and need repairs. At SunFlower Dent & Detail, helping customers keep their vehicles in showroom condition and retain their value is what we do!