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Keeping your vehicle looking showroom-new is important for many people. At SunFlower Dent & Detail, our Kansas City car waxing, buffing, and polishing services will make your car shine like a new penny! Hand washing is important and should be done on a regular basis to remove dirt, road grime, and other debris often left behind by the elements, however nothing can make your car sparkle like hand waxing and polishing. Restoring your vehicle’s shiny, glossy appearance is possible; our professional technicians take great care to ensure outstanding results!

Over time, a vehicle can develop minor scrapes and scratches, swirls, and oxidation of paint, causing it to lose its luster. Our car waxing, buffing, and polishing processes will bring back the beauty of your vehicle’s finish, revealing not only an amazing shine, but deeper, more intense color. It isn’t uncommon for a car, truck, or SUV’s finish to become faded and lackluster. Exposure to sun, snow, ice, rain, salt, sand, and other elements can eventually result in damage. We can restore your vehicle’s appearance to one you are proud of.

Our hand waxing and polishing process involving claying, a process using a mixture of clay base and other mild abrasives which remove contamination from paint. After the process is complete, not only can you see the difference, you can feel a difference when touching the surface of your car. Claying removes bug residue, over spray, and other contaminants, and creates a smooth, glass-like surface that brings about an amazing shine.

Buffing is another procedure that restores luster and reveals fresh paint by removing a miniscule layer along with minor scrapes and scratches which may be apparent in the clear coat. By having your vehicle buffed, it will retain its finish for a longer period of time. This is a process that is highly recommended for those who have cars with a dull finish, or that have substantial scratches or scrapes. While there are plenty of products available for do-it-yourselfers, buffing is a process that can cause considerable damage or even remove your clear coat or paint if not performed by a professional.

Taking care of your vehicle so that it stays looking as great as it did the day you bought it is easy with our Kansas City waxing, buffing, and polishing services, performed by technicians who take pride in a job well done. At SunFlower Dent & Detail we are dedicated to providing unsurpassed quality in terms of the products we use, and the work we perform. Call or come by today, and let us transform your vehicle’s finish.