Auto Detailing On Google

We are always fascinated by how many people find us on Google.  That got us thinking, how do auto detailing customers search for car retailers and car detailing services?  We asked our SEO guy and he told us that Google will provide businesses with search information.  While the information is primarily used for Adwords (like the pay-per-click advertisements), businesses can also use this information to determine what kind or words and phrases are good for SEO.

He sent us a screenshot of a report from the Adwords tool and this in a picture of how many searches are made for a small sample of words.  Its also really interesting to see the average price that car dealing shops pay per click for certain phrases.

auto detaiing

This info just goes to show you something that we have know for a while: consumers use the Internet more than ever to search for local products and services. We gave up on Yellow Page advertising years ago and have focused almost exclusively on online marketing. Yet, even though we’ve been working on search engine optimization and Internet marketing for quite a while, we learn new things all the time. This keyword tool is a great example of how this stuff never gets old and evolves every year.  The chart above is great because we can also get a lot of insight on how consumer actually think and search about our services – which is not only really interesting, but gives us some pretty good information on how to market our auto detailing services.