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The weather has been nasty over the winter months in Kansas City, and most people are looking forward to spring.  While spring brings us warmer, sunnier days, it also brings thunderstorms, which could mean hail.  Our Kansas City hail damage and dent repair technicians understand how stressful it can be to have your vehicle full of dings and small dents following a hail storm.  In most cases, we can have your vehicle looking like new!  In fact, no one would ever know your car, truck, or SUV had been pounded by Mother Nature’s rocks.

Hail damage can be minor or severe.  No one wants a vehicle covered with dings, regardless of whether it’s a newer vehicle or older model!  One thing about hailstorms, they seem to come out of nowhere and often give no warning, so there is little time to prepare or put your car in the garage.  You’re caught by surprise, and now your smooth, shiny car is covered with dents and dings.  It can be enough to make you cry, given the price of most automobiles today.

Not to worry, though.  At SunFlower Dent & Detail, our Kansas City hail damage repair technicians can make your vehicle look like new again.  We use a PDR (paintless dent repair) process that requires no bonding fillers or repainting in most cases.  We provide our services not only to individuals, but car dealers and rental companies as well.

Hail can be as small as pea-size, or as large as a tennis ball; regardless of its size, it can cause considerable damage.  While there are protective measures you can take such as using a “hail blanket” or car cover when a severe thunderstorm threatens, this is only an option if you’re aware the storm is coming and have time to take action – which isn’t usually possible if you’re at work or out and about running errands.  When possible, take cover under an overpass or in a parking garage.  When the damage is done, always choose professionals who are skilled at the art of removing dents and dings.  It’s important that the company you choose to perform the repair use a process that maintains the integrity of the finish, whether factory or custom paint.

Once the damage has been done, call your insurance agent and make sure your car is parked in an area out of direct sunlight, as this can make spotting the dents and dings more difficult when an adjuster comes to assess the damage.  Then give SunFlower Dent & Detail a call to schedule an appointment to have your car repaired. Our Kansas City hail damage repair experts are dedicated to exceptional results, and will have your car, truck, or SUV looking like new in no time!



There are plenty of mobile car detailing services in the Kansas City area, but is it really a good idea to have someone come to where you are, rather than taking your car to a professional detail shop? As trusted auto detailers in Kansas City, we know of several drawbacks that many people would never think about. Sure, it’s convenient to have someone come to your home or place of business to wash and detail your vehicle – but convenience alone may not make up for the disadvantages.

Before you decide to call a mobile car detailing service, consider the following:

The best Kansas City car detailing shops provide a team of professionals at your service. Not only can you have your vehicle washed, waxed, and polished, you can have the inside detailed as well. You may also have a small dent or dings which need repaired. Why not have it all done at one location? Now THAT is true convenience!

Mobile car detailing services don’t typically have the best machinery and equipment for the job. Because they are “mobile” or “portable,” mobile services often have portable tools as well, which means they may not be quite as powerful and effective as the equipment used by professional detail shops.

Can the technicians really see what they’re doing? At a professional detail shop, lighting is designed so that technicians can see every inch and every detail of your vehicle, making for a more thorough job when it comes to washing, buffing, waxing, or polishing. Because a mobile service usually performs the work outdoors, how well lit the area is may be questionable depending on weather conditions, how sunny/cloudy it is, whether the area is shaded, etc.

The mess stays at the shop instead of in your garage or driveway. Soap, suds, mud, grit and grime – do you really want these things on your driveway, or in your garage or yard? With a mobile car detailing company, not only do you put up with the mess, you may also pay for the water unless the company hauls their own – and likely use more of it. Our Kansas City professional detail shop uses less water when hand washing vehicles, which is better for the environment – and the mess stays at our shop!

Have you considered liability? What happens if someone is injured on your property while washing or detailing your vehicle? Premises liability is an issue you should consider; you wouldn’t want someone with the company slipping in your garage, tripping on a step, or otherwise injuring themselves. If you do choose a mobile car detailing company, be sure you will not be held responsible for an accident.

At SunFlower Dent & Detail, our professional detail shop provides all of the services Kansas City area residents need to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape. Hand washing, auto detailing, dent and ding removal, auto body and paintless dent repair – we do it all. Come by or call us today for extraordinary quality service at prices that can’t be beat.

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Auto Detailing On Google

We are always fascinated by how many people find us on Google.  That got us thinking, how do auto detailing customers search for car retailers and car detailing services?  We asked our SEO guy and he told us that Google will provide businesses with search information.  While the information is primarily used for Adwords (like the pay-per-click advertisements), businesses can also use this information to determine what kind or words and phrases are good for SEO.

He sent us a screenshot of a report from the Adwords tool and this in a picture of how many searches are made for a small sample of words.  Its also really interesting to see the average price that car dealing shops pay per click for certain phrases.

auto detaiing

This info just goes to show you something that we have know for a while: consumers use the Internet more than ever to search for local products and services. We gave up on Yellow Page advertising years ago and have focused almost exclusively on online marketing. Yet, even though we’ve been working on search engine optimization and Internet marketing for quite a while, we learn new things all the time. This keyword tool is a great example of how this stuff never gets old and evolves every year.  The chart above is great because we can also get a lot of insight on how consumer actually think and search about our services – which is not only really interesting, but gives us some pretty good information on how to market our auto detailing services.